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Amazon intern day 1: move-in

April 30 2011

I received my housing assignment with Amazon’s corporate housing company, Aboda, on Thursday (a mere two days ago). Amazon subsidizes housing, and offers interns two options: the first is to take $1000 extra on your paycheque each month, with which you may do what you please in finding your own housing. The other option is to use their relocation company, Graebel, which provides you with a fully-assisted move, including housing through Aboda.

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Amazon intern day 2: exploration

May 01 2011

I woke up very early, at around 8 AM, unable to pretend to sleep any longer. I took a shower in my new bathroom, and messed around on my computer for a bit. My parents finally woke up and got ready at their hotel, and came over to my apartment at around 10 AM.

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Amazon intern day 3: first day at Amazon

May 02 2011

I set my alarm for 8 AM, but woke up of my own accord. I showered, attempted to extract a semi-professional outfit from my still very packed collection of clothing, and then called Aboda about housing. Apparently they can’t do anything without authorization from Graebel. So then I called Graebel.

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Amazon intern day 4: meetings

May 03 2011

Today was fairly exhausting, and chock-full of meetings around the clock. I think in total I had about two hours or so sitting at my desk actually doing semi-useful work setting up my workspace. (I still haven’t started the SDE Bootcamp, which my mentor, Chris, keeps asking me about!)

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Amazon intern day 5: SDE Bootcamp

May 04 2011

I’m pretty exhausted right now and it’s already half-past midnight, so this may have to be a somewhat abridged post. Today was probably my most productive day in terms of not having zillions of meetings to go to, and starting the SDE Bootcamp that they keep telling me to work on.

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Amazon intern day 6: my first commit

May 05 2011

According to some memo that went out, today was Classy Thursday! (Since Classy Thursday gives new meaning to Casual Friday.) Apparently usually only this other Prime team participates in such an event, but I figured I may as well make an attempt. So off to work I went in my classy shirt and my classy tie, and my questionably classy maroon pants and my even more questionably classy old blue Adidas.

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Amazon intern day 7: getting comfortable

May 06 2011

Today was quite a long day. It started out with me considering whether or not to go look at Moda Apartments which Aboda had suggested (their ulterior motive likely being that they like Moda because it rhymes with their name). But, after seeing some of the reviews of the place, and noting that the square footages of the units are sometimes half that of the place I am currently in, I decided that it wasn’t worth it.

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Amazon intern day 8: visitor

May 07 2011

Today I got up, and basically decided that I am definitely going to stay here, since I don’t want to fight with Graebel et al. So that, combined with the fact that my friend Spencer was arriving today to visit, caused me to decide that I should start treating this place like home, cleaning up, and arranging things how I like them for the next four months.

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Amazon intern day 9: touring

May 08 2011

It took quite a while for myself, and my friend Spencer who was visiting, to wake up. We lounged about, showered, ate the food Spencer had cooked last night, had some cereal and yogurt and bananas, and then made our Mother’s Day calls.

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Amazon intern day 10: quiet Monday

May 09 2011

Monday’s morning was fairly typical in the beginning, up until arriving at work. When I did, at 9 AM, it was eerily quiet. I think this is fairly typical at Amazon in the morning, however the quiet was exacerbated by the fact that neither my mentor nor my manager were there.

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Amazon intern day 11: explain it to me

May 10 2011

Today was a long day of explanations, farewells, and hellos. Spencer, the friend who was staying at my apartment for a few days, and I got up at relatively the same time this morning, and cooked up a quick breakfast (which included leftover pekoras). When I was leaving, we made arrangements for where he would put my keys, so that when he left later on in the afternoon to head to the airport, he would be able to lock my door. It would be put in the flowerpot in the lobby!

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Amazon intern day 12: in which a project is chosen

May 11 2011

I had a fairly decent sleep, and woke up to… a Quinn’s head in between my bedroom door and the bathroom door. I had to carefully step over it a few times to get in between the two rooms. I showered, and quietly ate some breakfast.

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Amazon intern day 13: the full-day grind

May 12 2011

Today was my big day-long tutorial about Amazon and Prime-land! I attempted to go in to work well-rested and well-fed, although I ended up being a bit worried since I couldn’t quite remember if we were supposed to start at 9 AM or 10 AM. I was in fact late, so luckily it was 10 AM.

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Amazon intern day 14: retail website and foosball

May 13 2011

Today I didn’t accomplish particularly much. I messed around with setting up the retail website on my machine, and got it working. It looks very strange without the regular Amazon content in it.

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